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Many Sunny Places is the title of a song that I wrote about a laughing eyed woman child, that I met in the Islands before I came to the States, in 1964. I called her "Lotus." She was older than me, richer, wiser and much more sophisticated. Eventually Lotus would become the Mother of my first-born, Stephin extraordinary fact that I would not become aware of until very recently..

Many Sunny Places was produced n 1975 (four years after SOON closed) by the courageous Warren Schatz, for Love Records, Helsinki, Finland. We'd been sear-chin' every we ee ee ee eeeach way for years but no one in the U.S. would give us a deal.. So..Love Records, Helsinki, Finland We were and are very grateful to the good folk in Finland for their support. Interestingly, still unable to find a deal in the U.S. our current digital distribution deal is with a Norwegian Company, Artspages International. We are grateful again.

I had a reputation for being too "too heavy man!" consequently, I worked hard to "lighten up" with Many Sunny Places. We wanted it to be "fun." Vicki Sue Robinson, an eternal love of mine, made it lots of fun to do and to listen to, even and especially, now. Warren signed her (they did "Turn The Beat Around" together) based on the beautiful work that she did on "Many Sunny Places" Vicki and I had done the backers auditions for SOON together and she would have been the female lead in SOON except that she was only 16-17 when we went to Broadway, and she simply could not look old enough.
Vicki and I gigged all over the village (see Poster) and many a street corner after SOON. She never looked old enough for anything. She is one of those who always was and will forever stay, forever young. She contributes much of her magic to these recordings.

We were able to do more Island tunes on this record, which was very important to me. The people down the way would say "Meson when yu gon do dem calypso ting?, wha rang wid yo? Yu schuppidee o sumting? And I would say " Man ,Man, ah cumming man, dem boy don unnastan dem ting man. We got to slip dem in like a dundo. Suavaycito man, suavayceeeto! I was happy to get Cherrigo and Tutsie/ La Beiga, Archepelago Man, and When You Take It All Away in for the folks at home and the "political" Ghetto Fighter in for the states.

Once upon a time in 1965, Bert Burns (who wrote Twist and Shout and many others) owned BANG Records. He signed three Singer/Writers, Neil Diamond, Van Morrison and myself. Neil constructed hits, Van patrolled and captured the Astral Plane and I was determined to change the world with
however, I also wanted to sing Van Morrison's "Brown Eyed Girl" to Vicki Sue, and on this record I did. The recordings were fun and sincere, the last tune (Please Be Well) is from SOON, and ultimately said and says it all, for all of us who made the record. Please Be Well.

Scott Fagan Aug/06

"Many Sunny Places"
Song List:Side One
1. Many Sunny Places
2. Ghetto Fighter
3. MEDLEY: La Biega Carousel/Tutsie
4. When You Take It All Away

Song List:Side Two
1. Roll Out The Morning
2. Cherrigo
3. Brown Eyed Girl
4. Archipeligo Man
5. Please Be Well

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This remarkable Virgin Islands recording artist has somehow sustained a freedom and freshness in his music, while persevering against unbelievable odds for over 40 years. This degree of determination and commitment, extraordinary in this, or any age, is another trait that he acknowledges as having come from his Virgin Islands upbringing.

"Giving up is simply out of the question. There is a point on the charts towards the west end of St. Thomas called 'Pull or be Damned.' That says it all for me" If you love great singing and great songs, and great characters with great hearts, and if you love them that come back against all odds, then you will love Scott Fagan.

In this world of gray on gray, here is an artist of the rainbow day. One who bends but will not break, like the spirit of the beautiful Virgin Islands themselves. What a story untold…

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