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Here at last is an album by The Virgin Islands own Scott Fagan, wholly produced, played and recorded by Virgin Islanders, in the Virgin Islands, on lil'fish records a Virgin Islands label. What a day of celebration.

And… Here is the first commercially produced and released Scott Fagan album since "Many Sunny Places" was done for LOVE Records, Helsinki Finland, 29 years ago. (1976)

Dreams indeed, should never die.

This is the boy who was signed by Columbia Records before finishing Charlotte Amalie High School, and who originated the now widely popular "Contemporary Caribbean" Genre with his 1965 Bang single "Tutsie," 1968 ATCO album "South Atlantic Blues and 1976 album "Many Sunny Places." The boy described as "A Genius" by William Krasilovsky Author of "This Business of Music l and ll" and who, as many of you know by now, was blacklisted for having the audacity to "tell it like it is" about the music business, in his 1971, Broadway Rock Opera "SOON."

Scott says: "I suppose we can thank my Virgin Islands upbringing for much of that. Weren't we taught (often at the business end of a ruler) that to "tell it like it is" is what we are supposed to do?"


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.....and much more to come!!!

This remarkable Virgin Islands recording artist has somehow sustained a freedom and freshness in his music, while persevering against unbelievable odds for over 40 years. This degree of determination and commitment, extraordinary in this, or any age, is another trait that he acknowledges as having come from his Virgin Islands upbringing.

"Giving up is simply out of the question. There is a point on the charts towards the west end of St. Thomas called 'Pull or be Damned.' That says it all for me" If you love great singing and great songs, and great characters with great hearts, and if you love them that come back against all odds, then you will love Scott Fagan.

In this world of gray on gray, here is an artist of the rainbow day. One who bends but will not break, like the spirit of the beautiful Virgin Islands themselves. What a story untold…

Be sure to look for "Buried Treasures" (The V.I. Songs Vol. l) and Scott's wonderful little Christmas Operetta "Sandy The Blue Nosed Reindeer."



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