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Scott Fagan's Recording History

From 1963 through 2006

Unknown TV Station Morning Show, Chattanooga TN
· Brown Skin Girl · Don't Ever Love Me (Lost)

Demos - WSTA Radio, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
· Brown Skin Girl
· Don't Ever Love Me
· Sloop John B
· Island In The Sun
· Haiti Cheri
· Maryann

Demos - Unknown Studio, Unknown Producer,
Ft. Lauderdale FL

SONGS - Lost
· Maryann
· Jumbie Jamboree
· Codine
· Sloop John B
· Round The Bay Of Mexico
· Maverick (Blow Ye Winds Oh Blow)
· I Can Set You Free
· I've Been So Lonely For So Long
· Barefoot Boy
· Rum and Coca-Cola
· Shame And Scandal (In de Family)

Single - Columbia Records, Wes Farrel &
Doc Pomus - Producers

SONGS - Unreleased
· You Weren't Made To Be True · "B-Side" - Unknown

Demo-Movie Theme "Minnesota Clay"
Unknown Producer

SONGS                                                                          Top
· Minnesota Clay

Single-Big Top & Bell Records, Mort Shuman/
Doc Pomus-Producers

SONGS - Unreleased
· Lonely Winds · King Lonely The Blue - (B-Side)

Demos Hill and Range Publishing Co. Doc Pomus/
Joe Kookoolis

· Night Life + 5 (Private collection out of print)

Single - Bang Records, Released Summer 1965,
Mort Shuman - Producer

SONGS                                                                          Top
· Give Love A Chance  · Tutsie - (B-Side)

Album - "South Atlantic Blues" ATCO Records, Herb Gart/
Elmer Gorden-Producers, Released Summer 1968.
Immortalized by Jasper Johns as "Scott Fagan Record"

· In Your hands
· In My Head
· Nickels And Dimes
· Madamoiselle
· Nothin' But Love
· Crystal Ball
· Tenement Halls
· Crying
· Carnival's Ended
· South Atlantic Blues

Demos - Touch Stone Music
SONGS                                                                         Top
· Lord Cherrigo Sad,
· Crying For New York,
· See Larry, See Lonnie
· Red Ryder
· The Daily News
· Ain' Fraid a Nothin' (Terribly Lonely)

Single - Epic Records, Barry Kornfeld/
Joe Kookoolis - Producers

· I Am · Where My Lover Has Gone - (B-Side)

Single - Epic Records, Barry Kornfeld/
Joe Kookoolis - Producers

· Kings And Pawns · Ashes - (B-Side)

Demos - Tommy Valando Music
SONGS                                                                           Top
· Hideaway
· Music, Music
· Country Store Living
· Think Of All The Gentle Sighs
· Rita Cheeta

Demos - Screen Gems Music Publishing
· Many Sunny Places
· Whitemare
· Let The World Begin Again
· In Your Hands
· I See The Light
· Glad Ta Know Ya
· One More Time
· Competition
· Roll Out The Morning
· Hey! Can I Play My Song Today
· Every Body's Running
· Sweet Henry Loves You
· To Touch The Sky
· Soon (Henry's Theme)
· (I Wanna See) Faces, Names and Places
· I'm A Genuis (Henry Is Where It's At)
· What's Gonna Happen To Me When I'm 50
· Straight
· Wait
· Henry's Dream Theme
· Soon (Kelly's Theme)
· Annies Thing
· (It's a) Great Society
· Child Of Sympathy
· Mollycules
· Maybe It's Me
· Frustration
· On The Charts
· We're Doin' The High In   The USA
· It Won't Be Long
· Please Be Well

1970-71                                                                        Top
Demos - 34 Songs for the Rock Opera "SOON"
January 1971 - "SOON" (A Rock Opera) Opens At The Ritz
Theatre on 48th Street in NYC. SOON is a powerful expose
of the hypocrisy and destructive cruelty of the American
music business.

Scott is declared "A Genuis" by Bill Krasilovsky, Author of
This Business Of Music I and II. SOON is called "a work of
Genuis" by Martin Brookspan, head of Classical Music for
However, SOON is blasted by The New York Daily News
and The New York Times and closes immediately. SOON
is never recorded. Scott and his writing partner Jose (Joe)
Martinez-Kookoolis are fired from their publishing contracts
and blacklisted.

Joe died six years later with out ever receiving another
publishing or production deal or any of the recognition that
he so genuinely deserved.

To this day, Scott has never been signed to another major
recording, publishing or distribution entity. The demos for
SOON simply disappeared.

"SOON" Los Angeles production
34 SONGS - Lost

Demo - Theme from L.A Pilgrimage Theatre Production
SONGS - Lost
· What Are You Doing After The War
No Record Deals, No Publishing Deals, No Interest

Album - "Many Sunny Places" Love Records, Helsinki, Finland,
Warren Schatz - Producer, Released Summer 76
(Love Records distributed through RCA in the USA)

· Many Sunny Places
· Ghetto Fighter
· Brown Eyed Girl
· La Beiga Carousel/Tutsie
· When You Take It all Away
· Roll Out The Morning
· Cherrigo Sad
· Archipelago Man
· Please Be Well

Single - "Surrender To The Sun" # 1 song on the # 1
Radio Station in NYC, Fall 1976 (Theme for Canadian Film
"A Recommendation for Mercy") b/w "Many Sunny Places"
Love Records, Helsinki Finland. ("Surrender To The Sun,"
no distribution and unfortunately no product in the stores
and no internet, so.. Poof!)

· Surrender To The Sun
· Many Sunny Places - (B-Side)
Sessions for DETANFRA Records St. Thomas,
Virgin Islands - Unreleased

SONGS - Masters lost
· Circles 
· Ghetto Fighter

Independent Sessions NYC, Unreleased
SONGS - Masters Lost
· El Gringito
· Must Be With You Tonight
· Dem Boy Seh
· Sarah, Sarah
· Street Singer
· You And I
· Half And Half.

Single - Bournefield Records, Scott Fagan/
Bill Tatum - Producers - No Distribution

· Sandy The Blue Nosed Reindeer
· Story Of Sandy The Blue Nosed Reindeer - (B-Side)
Single - Bournefield Records, Scott Fagan/
George Clinton/Bill Tatum - Producers -No Distribution

· Stand By Ireland
· This Is Your Life

Independent Sessions - NYC, Unreleased,
No Label Interest, No Distribution

· Soon
· Sure Has Been Good Lovin' You Baby
· I'm A Family Man
· I'm A Fool For You
· Rocket Ship Babies
· Bittersweet
· El Gringito
· Love Cycles
· This Is Your Life
· Annalee
· The Miracle
· Rainy Day
· Street Singer

Single - lil'fish Records, St. Thomas, Virgin Islands,
Scott Fagan/Bill Tatum - Producers,
No off-island distribution available

SONGS                                                                          Top
· Sandy The Blue Nosed Reindeer
· Story Of Sandy The Blue Nosed Reindeer

Demos - St. Thomas, V.I. & California - Unreleased.
· Solito
· Captain Creole
· The V.I. Song
· The Love Bugs
· Shake A Bum
· Dreams Should Never Die
· Juicy Mango
· Calypso Pagliacci
· Actor In The White House
Single - Today Show, IOWA Congressman Jim Leach
declares Actor In The White House "The Best Political
Song In America" - No distribution - Unreleased

· Actor In The White House

Columbia Demos Producers Warren Schatz/
Mikey Harris, Unreleased

· Sad Eyes
· Good Night America

Demo - Vicki Sue Robinson, Producer - Unreleased
SONGS - Lost
· In Another Place, In Another Time

Topanga Demos - Mike Pinera/Scott Fagan/
John Cornett - Producers - Unreleased

SONGS                                                                          Top
· Circles
· Blue Jeans
· Sarah Sarah
· I was Born To Rock and Roll
· Fool For You
· Valeria

Operetta:"A Christmas Present For Santa,
The Story Of Sandy The Blue Nosed Reindeer"
Produced by John Cornett and Scott Fagan.
No distribution.

· Sandy The Bluenosed Reindeer
· A Christmas Present For Santa
· Sometimes, Somethings
· Lefty, Righty
· Toys Toys Toys
· Island In The Rainbows
· Sing A Happy Song
· Merry Christmas All Over The World

Working Demo "The Great Seahorse"
"A Mighty Fishy Opera"

· The Great Seahorse
· Seahorsious Greatious and Giganticus
· Littlefish Got Feelings Too
· Jolly Rodger
· Where The Dolphins Go
· Little Man (Live And Let Live)
Carabilly Demos - Steve Gold/Matt McCauley - Producers,
No label/distribution

· Fools Hall Of Fame
· Pretend It's Me
· Island In The Rainbows
· One For Every Waitress In The World
· (There Are No Angeles in) Honky-tonk Heaven
· Dreams Should Never Die.

Background Tracks for Canadian Soap Opera,
"Riverdale" Produced Matthew McCauley -
Canadian Television Distribution

· Sweet Cheyenne
· Meeting In Santa Fe

Demos, Destin Fla. No label interest, no distribution, Masters Lost.
SONGS                                                                          Top
· Captain Creole
· The V.I. Song
· I Like You
· Maryann Medley

Operetta -"A Christmas Present For Santa,
The Story Of Sandy The Bluenosed Reindeer"
Produced by John Cornett - Released on lil'fish Records,
St. Thomas Virgin Islands, No Off Island distribution

· Sandy The Bluenosed Reindeer
· A Christmas Present For Santa
· Sometimes Somethings
· Lefty, Righty
· Toys Toys Toys
· Island In The Rainbows
· Sing A Happy Song
· Sandy The Bluenosed Reindeer (Reprise)
· Merry Christmas All Over The World

Internet distribution of Sandy The Bluenosed Reindeer
began at www.sandythebluenosedreindeer.com and http://www.lulu.com/scottfagan)

"Buried Treasures, The V.I Songs Vol 1" Compilation CD,
lil'fish Records, St. Thomas, V.I. (lil'fish Records is currently
creating an independent on and off-island distribution system)

· The V.I. Song**
· La Beiga Carousel/Tutsie
· Many Sunny Places
· Archipelago Man
· Cherrigo Sad
· When You Take It All Away
· The Carnival's Ended
· Nothin' But Love
· South Atlantic Blues
**Recorded at STARfest 10, May 04, at the Reichhold Center for The Arts, St. Thomas, V.I.

"Dreams Should Never Die" (The V.I. Songs, Vol 2)
Produced by Scott Fagan and Dan McGinnis for
lil'fish Records, St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands

SONGS - New and first time recordings
· The V.I. Song (Studio Version)
· Captain Creole
· I Love Love
· I Like You,
· Annalee
· Surrender To The Sun
· La Beiga Carousel/Tutsie (Party Version)
· Soon (Kelly's Theme)
· Where My Lover has Gone
· The Love Bugs
· El Gringito
· How To Talk Calypso
Completed August 2005...CD now being reproduced for distribution

This Discography chronicles the 40 year odyssey of an extremely gifted, defiant (or foolish) white Caribbean Artist, up against the American Music Business machine. How will the story end? That's
up to you my friend…

© 2005, Scott Fagan Music
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