Dear Friends,

I'm writing to welcome each and every one of you to the world of Sandy The Bluenosed Reindeer. This is the very beginning of her introduction to the world beyond the Virgin Islands.  Since being privileged to discover and write her story, I have enjoyed an amazing extension and expansion of that season of the heart and soul that we know as Christmas. Being a father of daughters and sons from a part of the world in which Christmas comes on a gentle breeze, I offer Sandy The Bluenosed Reindeer as an exciting addition to the customs and traditions of warm as well as cold-weather Christmases everywhere. Now that we have recorded and released her full "operetta" (which is just a single word for a story told through music), I am delighted to realize that people from warm climates now have a little Christmas heroine of our very own. I know that Sandy will bring happiness and joy to girls and boys of every age everywhere she goes. I will be looking for you, hoping that we will share this great joy and great fun for many years, together. May God and Good bless us all.


SANDY THE BLUENOSED REINDEER is cherished among so many Scott Fagan creations recently released on LilFish Records. You can "LISTEN" to the full Operetta online or "BUY" it now directly from Scott and Lil'fish Records.

DOWNLOADS: Download the High Quality MP3 files and then, if you like what you hear, please help defray our costs by making a purchase. There is also a "Donation Basket" where you may give what you can to help support Scott's artistry.

The CD was just remastered and is being packaged for distribution and is available now.

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