There was once a student of enlightenment who was a candidate for the esteemed position of World Teacher within the lineage of Master Teachers. But he had one final test that was to be administered by the Grand Master who offered the candidate a "secret mantra." "This mantra is so powerful that anyone who chants it in the proper way attains liberation from material existence within 6 months. The only condition was that he had to agree to keep the mantra secret because it was too powerful." The Grand Master told the student that if anyone who knew the mantra revealed the secret, he would go to hell.

So the candidate agreed to the conditions and was duly initiated into the secret mantra. Then, as soon as he left the Grand Master, he called together all the people he could find, and initiated them into the mantra. Then he was going down the street singing and shouting the secret mantra at the top of his lungs. As soon as the Grand Master heard about this, he called the candidate back and asked him, "Why did you reveal the mantra? Don't you know you're going to hell?"

The candidate replied, It's alright if I go to hell. I just couldn't stand to see all those people suffering in material existence and I wanted to give them liberation as soon as possible. So I initiated them into the mantra. Then the World Teacher candidate was named the next World Teacher--he had passed the test.

If you want it, here it is, come and get it....but you better hurry cuz it's going fast (Badfinger)

The Secret

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Above text is a partial paraphrased adaptation of a section of
David Bruce Hughes'The Esoteric Teachings ®
The Science of Higher Consciousness

Story, audio and artwork blatantly borrowed from David Bruce Hughes