I comitt to help identify the many negative effects of bioaccumulations of Persistent Organic Pollutants upon and within the earth, to help remove the causes and help facilitate the healing process and restore earth to a more perfect balance I comitt to identify and help propogate the truth about alternate sources of energy, especially all free energy technologies (those that produce their own energy with controllable excess energy output potential) rethink and  retool to ensure growth, vitality and inclusion and participation of all people and their individual potentials I comitt to calling for re-education and investigation of the truth and transparency, releasing the conscious mind from the prison of fear to a  place of Peace and Love while ensuring safety and security through a singularity of purpose, that each one is important to the whole of life. I comitt to speak out against and call for an end to all forms of oppression, torture, violence and enslavement of the human body, mind and spirit by ruthless corporations, governments and religions I comitt to initiate positive changes with a clean mind, body and spirit through acts of love, forgiveness and compassion while  encouraging others to seek enlightenment, staying in the here and now and taking actions that enable each to become aligned with the source of all power. I comitt to make persistent daily efforts to seek more healthy and harmonious relationships, developing an attitude of gratitude while learning to forgive myself that I may forgive others and  accept forgivness from them also. SINGULARITY